Full Restoration in Guildford

Full restoration includes:

  1. Strip sashes from the boxes.
  2. Burn off the paint from box and sashes.
  3. Remove the glass from the sashes and re-glaze them using new glass where necessary.
  4. Remove rotten sills and timber.
  5. Replace with full lower box replacement using structural repairs, making sure under the sill has two coats of oil-based paint for protection.
  6. All boxes and sashes are sanded ready for painting.
  7. Any minor repairs are carried out filling etc. Which also includes re-cord and weighting.
  8. Two coats of primer under coat are applied to box and sashes.
  9. Box and sashes are ready for glossing.
  10. Finally ready to put box and sashes back together again. Incorporating new beading and draught proof system. Finally fit new hardware pack.