No cutting corners

Les came recommended to us by a neighbour, so we had an opportunity to see the results of his work before he started. We suggest you do the same. He will be more than happy to show you examples of his skill, experience and commitment. He has transformed our home in terms of both appearance and comfort.

The Sash Doctor is ‘old school’ when it comes to work standards and pride in the results he achieves. No doubt some big companies will appear to offer everything you need, sometimes at an apparently attractive price but if you really want to ensure that the work is top notch and that every necessity and detail is covered, Les is your man. Let’s face it, replacing your sash windows is something you are only going to do once and is a serious investment in your property, protecting the building from the elements and providing warmer and quieter rooms in your home, something we noticed immediately after the work was completed.

Les will explain everything to you, both before and during the job, so that you will be absolutely confident that all the right things have been done. We seriously doubt that anyone has more experience and knowledge than him and there is no substitute for those qualities. No cutting corners on work standards or specifications, no ‘sales’ talk, no hidden costs and extras. He works hard and he works professionally. We paid a fair price for a really first class job. We could not be more pleased.

Mr & Mrs N from Wirral